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Today allows you to view all of your Datebook and ToDo items from one screen, enhancing the management capabilites of the PalmPilot. You'll no longer need to look at BOTH apps to see what your plans are. A plethora of display and sorting options allow you to customize the display to your work habits; sort by due date or priority, use powerful category filters, and control the arrangement of Datebook and ToDo items. All past-due ToDo items are displayed first, ending the problem of forgetting about uncompleted, past-due items. In addition, each morning Today will display your schedule when you turn the PalmPilot on--what a great way to start the day!

Today: The screen on the right is the "Today" view. The first items that show in the list are the past-due To Do List items (indicated by an exclamation point). Next, it shows all of the DateBook items for today, listed by appointment time. Date Book items with no time follow the timed Date Book items. After the list of Datebook items, the ToDo items due today are shown (indicated by "Due"), followed by the undated ToDo items (if you choose to have them shown). The priority of the item can also be shown. If the ToDo item is completed, a checkbox appears to the right. The three icons at the top-right corner of the screen toggle three of the preferences: The checkbox icon is for "Show Completed Items;" the exclamation point is for "Show Only Due Items;" and the categories folder icon is for "Show Categories."
Today View
Tomorrow View Tomorrow: Today's next view is the "Tomorrow" screen. The "Tomorrow" view has the same look and functionality as the "Today" view. Past due ToDo items are not shown in the Tomorrow view, only the things you have to do Tomorrow will show. In this picture the "Show Categories" and "Show Only Due Items" preferences have been turned on. You can see the categories for the ToDo items and the undated ToDo items are not showing.

You can see that Today is very simple and easy to use. It was designed to display all pertinent information in one place, arranged in the way you want, making the built-in applications on the Pilot a more powerful tool for planning your life.

Week View: The "Week" view the screen shows slightly different information. The left column displays the date of all DateBook and ToDo items for the coming week (or more). Past due items, as well as items due today are indicated by an exclamation point. Here the "Show Categories" and "Show Priorities" preferences have been turned off.

Today makes schedule editing simple. Tapping on the item you wish to edit will bring up that record in the application that created it, allowing for easy edits on existing records.

With a familiar tabbed-interface, rich information content, and Synergy's ease of use, Today will certainly make your day a little more organized.

Week View

Shown on the left is Today's Preference panel which allows you to customize Today for the way you like to work. The Wake Up With Today option will allow you to have Today be the first application that you see each day. The Default Tab is the view that you will see each time you start up Today. The ToDo Items preferences are just like the preferences in the ToDo List application. If you check Show Priorities or Show Categories it will display the priorities or the categories for the ToDo items that are showing. Also, you can choose to show or not show undated and completed To Do List items. You can also choose to show from 1 to 5 weeks in the Week view.

From the ToDo Categories screen you can filter out any or all of the categories from your ToDo Lists. People who keep non-ToDo type items in their ToDo list might find this useful.
Sorting Shown on the left is Today's Sort Preferences panel. You can choose from three different types of sorting options to have Today show your appointments and To Do items in the way that you want to see them.

As you can see, Today makes your PalmPilot an even more effective organizational tool by enhancing the useability of the built-in Datebook and ToDo applications. Try it out today!

There is a online discussion forum for Today. Click here to go to the forum.

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