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SynCalc Main View
SynCalc version 1.5 is a fully algebraic calculator for PalmOS (requires PalmOS 2.x or greater) devices. Version 1.5 is new, and has many exciting features!
  • Algebraic parsing of expressions, featuring unlimited nested parentheses and functions.
  • Full drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Keeps a printer tape/calculation log of calculations which are easily recalled via the hard scroll buttons.
  • Plugin architecture allows new functionality to be added at any time.
    Plugins included:
    • MathPlugin - trig, log, and other basic math functions.
    • BaseConvertor - Hex, Octal and Binary convertors.
    • LogicPlugin - if() and iftext() functions for conditional results.
  • 12 text memory locations and 26 numeric variables.
  • Up to 100 easily programmable macros (SynCalc's shortcuts) make quick work of tough calculations.
  • Support for real-time input querys and text output.
  • Simple import and export of shortcuts. Share useful calculations with other SynCalc users! The SynCalc Shortcut and Plugin Repository is now online.
  • Plugin SDK Available for Free. Develop your own plugins today!
  • Looking for a strictly financial calculator to replace your HP or similar financial calculator? Try FCPlus from Infinity Softworks.
SynCalc is very powerful by itself, supporting a full suite of trig, log, math, logical, bitwise, and other functions. If you are in need of more power, though, SynCalc can deliver. SynCalc features Synergy's new Open Plugin Architecture, which allows functionality to be added to SynCalc by downloading and installing plugins. Each plugin can have many functions, and includes on-line help as shown to the right. For a complete listing of plugins, visit the SynCalc Plugin Repository. SynCalc Functions SynCalc Function Browser
SynCalc's QuickMenu Feature [LEFT] In the lower right hand corner of the screen is the SynCalc! button, which provides quick access to a variety of frequently used features.

[RIGHT] SynCalc also has the capability of importing and exporting Shortcuts, which provide SynCalc with macro capabilities.
Import and export
Shortcuts are one of SynCalc's most powerful and useful features. Most everyone with a PalmOS device enjoys the fact that simple applications exist for almost any need. SynCalc's shortcuts allow you to tailor SynCalc into a custom calculator for your specific needs. The animation on the right demonsrates a Medical Calculation Shortcut developed by a physician who uses SynCalc. Upon choosing the shortcut from the popup list, the shortcut prompts the user to enter the patients' weight in KG, and then displays the custom calculation result in SynCalc's text console. This excellent example shortcut uses SynCalc's real-time input and output capabilities to prompt the user for input and then output text to the console. You can export and import SynCalc shortcuts easily; the Shortcut Repository houses useful shortcuts submitted by SynCalc users and available for FREE DOWNLOAD. To learn more about shortcuts, visit the SynCalc Shortcuts Homepage and download the tutorial. Customized Shortcuts
SynCalc Memory View This screen lets you view and edit the expressions stored in the memory locations.

SynCalc is THE ideal calculator form PalmOS. Got a calculation need? Do The Math. Get SynCalc today.

A demo version of SynCalc is also available; it has a Guided Tour that shows off all of SynCalc's features.

There is a online discussion forum for SynCalc. Click here to go to the forum.

5 Cow Rating from TUCOWS 5 from TUCOWS
5 Star Rating from ZDNet 5 Stars
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Tap Magazine
Top Pick of 1998
Top Pick of 1998

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