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SimpleSketch 2

Color Drawing on the Palm

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SimpleSketch 2 is a small, quick program to easily allow you to take notes and draw simple images in freehand on the Palm. It is extremely useful for quickly jotting down a phone number, writing down a quick note, or sketching directions. SimpleSketch also allows you to name each drawing and share it with other Palm users by beaming it to other users.

SimpleSketch 2 now works on Palm OS 3.5 and in COLOR on color Palm handhelds! And for Windows users, there is a SimpleSketch conduit that converts your SimpleSketch drawings to bitmaps (BMP) on the desktop! Of course, SimpleSketch still works on black and white Palm handhelds... and even better than it did before. New tools and shapes are available in SimpleSketch 2.

We wanted to keep SimpleSketch simple. The drawing screen has a tools picker, where you can choose a tool, and then to the right of that, choose options for the tool if there are any options available (for instance, the SIZE of the pen or eraser, or the font size for the text tool). Another neat tip is that you can tap on the word 'Tools' to toggle between the current tool and an eraser, making it quite easy to fix mistakes in your drawings.

Try Angles
(SimpleSketch drawing on the Palm handheld)
Windows Conduit: The conduit for Windows automatically creates BMP files of your SimpleSketch drawings on your hard drive on your desktop PC every time you perform a HotSync operation. For example, it would take a SimpleSketch drawing like the one to the left and convert it to a BMP like the one on the right. Triangles
(BMP file on desktop after HotSync operation)

(Tool choices on b&w Palm handheld)

Tools & Brushes: There are five tools to choose from in SimpleSketch: The brush tool, the line tool, the rectangle tool, the text tool, and the eraser. There are a number of options for each tool as well. There are eight different shapes, not counting circles, which you can see to the right. There are two different eraser sizes as well as three font choices for the text tool. Brushes
(Shape choices for shape tool)

(Tool choices on color Palm handheld)

Tools & Brushes: On the color handhelds there is one more tool, the eyedropper tool. This tool samples a paint color wherever you tap on the screen and sets that to be the drawing color. This tool is very useful for color drawing.

As you can see to the right, there are four different circles, filled and empty circle and filled and empty oval (ellipse).
(Shape choices for circle tool)

SimpleSketch is great for jotting down a quick note like a phone number. You can take that note and later make an address book entry for it. Phone Number      Lunch Note      Product Idea      Here are some uses for SimpleSketch:
  • Write a quick note.
  • Draw a map.
  • Draw a diagram.
  • Sketch out a product idea.
  • Doodle.
List View
(List view on a b&w Palm handheld)

List View: There are two views in SimpleSketch, the list view and the drawing window. To the left you can see the list view. This shows a list of all of the drawings you have made in SimpleSketch. Each drawing can be given a name up to 31 characters. This is quite useful, because SimpleSketch also supports the system find routine. Tapping on the SimpleSketch item in the find window will open the drawing. The drawings can be organized by category and up to 15 categories (plus Unfiled) can be used. List View
(List view on a color Palm handheld)


We've done some doodling of our own. Maybe we'll start a museum of bad (or good) SimpleSketches! Send your SimpleSketches to Face
Kick     Island     Jet

There is a online discussion forum for SimpleSketch. Click here to go to the forum.

4 out of 5 Rating from Palm-O-Rama Palm-O-Rama

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