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PDActivate® Software Suite
  • The PDActivate software suite provides five applications which expand your Palm handheld's functionality and usefulness.
  • All of the PDActivate applications are compatible with Palm OS 2.x and above, including Palm OS 3.5 and 4.0!
  • Owners of the PDActivate software suite will receive FREE updates to all five applications. See our Update Plan page for more details.
  • Five applications for only $39.95 means each application is under $8.00, less expensive than most shareware!
  • Today, ListMaker and SynCalc have all received a five-plane rating from TUCOWS. Launch 'Em received four planes.
  • Today displays Datebook and To Do items on one highly-customizable screen.
  • ListMaker is the ultimate way to manage lists of any type. A common items list makes it a snap to build complex lists.
  • SynCalc's drag-and-drop interface and editing features make it one of the most powerful calculators available for Palm handhelds.
  • Launch 'Em provides an incredible replacement for the built-in application launcher; displays date, time, battery level, and includes drag-and-drop arrangement of icons as well as shortcuts to commonly used Palm OS utilities.
  • SimpleSketch is a small, quick program to easily allow you to take notes and draw simple images in freehand on the Palm.
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ListMaker | SynCalc | Today | Launch 'Em | SimpleSketch
What is PDActivate? What happened to Hi-5? Click here to find out.


Order Buy it now! (physical - mailed in a box) $39.95
Order Buy it now! (electronic - immediate download) $39.95

Synergy's PDActivate® software suite includes five programs that make the most of your Palm handheld. Whether it's increasing your productivity, solving complex calculations, organizing your applications, managing lists and projects or taking handwritten notes, PDActivate will change the way use your Palm handheld.

Click on the name of the application for more information and screen shots. Demos of all of the components are available, so try them out yourself and tell us what you think.

Launch 'Em™ is the most popular application launcher available for Palm handhelds. Thousands of users have made the switch to Launch 'Em, which allows you to neatly organize your Palm applications into convenient tabbed folders with the simplicity of a drag-and-drop interface. Launch 'Em now features a drag-and-drop Trash Can, a Backup utility, and a HackMaster extension providing a recent apps list and last app shortcuts. In addition, new features can be added at any time via the Gadget Plugin architecture. Launch 'Em is Palm OS 3.x savvy, featuring small icon support.
ListMaker™ is a versatile application for managing lists, projects, and procedures. A Common Items section specific to each category holds items you may want to add to your list regularly, like items for your grocery list. These items are easily added with just a few taps of the pen. Each category's sorting prefs are stored independently, so your grocery items stay arranged the way they are in the store and your clients are kept in alphabetical order.
SynCalc™ is a fully algebraic calculator-- the only one of its kind made for Palm handhelds. Featuring advanced math, trig, logic, base conversion, and other functions, as well as easy-to-use programming capabilites, SynCalc is your best bet for any calculation need. Other features include a calculation log, expandable plugin architecture, drag-and-drop interface, localized number formats, real-time input and output, and more!
Today™ allows you to view all of your Datebook and ToDo items from one screen, enhancing the management capabilites of the Palm handheld. You'll no longer need to look at BOTH apps to see what your plans are. A plethora of display and sorting options allow you to customize the display to your work habits; sort by due date or priority, use powerful category filters, and control the arrangement of Datebook and ToDo items. All past-due ToDo items are displayed first, ending the problem of forgetting about uncompleted, past-due items. In addition, each morning Today will display your schedule when you turn it on--what a great way to start the day!
SimpleSketch™ is a small, quick program to easily allow you to take notes and draw simple images in freehand on the Palm. It is extremely useful for quickly jotting down a phone number, writing down a quick note, or sketching directions. SimpleSketch also allows you to name each drawing and share it with other Palm users by beaming it to other users.

Ordering Information:
Synergy's PDActivate software is sure to help you get more out of your Palm handheld, so why wait? Synergy's PDActivate is available for online purchase and can be
ordered directly from our web site. Today, ListMaker, and SynCalc, and Launch 'Em are also available independently by ordering directly from Synergy. Individually, this software would cost $73.85. Maximize your software dollar by purchasing the PDActivate Software Suite at a savings of over $33.00!

Order Buy it now! (physical - mailed in a box) $39.95
Order Buy it now! (electronic - immediate download) $39.95
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Links to the software components of PDActivate
ListMaker | SynCalc | Today | Launch'Em | SimpleSketch

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