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The final word in text editing on the Palm handheld

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MagicText Contextual Menus Have you ever wondered why the Palm can't do some of the things you take for granted on the desktop? Like double-tap a word to select it, or drag-and-drop text to rearrange it? What about right-clicking to get more options for what you're doing? Well, wonder no more! MagicText, the latest creation from Synergy Solutions, Inc., makes it all possible.

MagicText has two main purposes: first, to allow you to easily manipulate text on your Palm handheld by adding multi-tap and drag-and-drop capabilities to all Palm OS text fields, and second, to provide a system-wide contextual menu for easy access to useful operations such as Copy/Cut/Paste, Email Lookup, initiate a HotSync, check the Date and Time, and more.
MagicText Phone Number Settings One of the most useful features of MagicText is the Phone Number Plugin. The phone number plugin allows you to enter a phone number with a keypad and it will format the number in the format that you choose, as you can see in the picture on the left. The animation to the left shows the phone number plugin in action. Like all of the features of MagicText, this not only works in the Address application but in any application on your Palm. The phone number plugin will help you to not write a phone number incorrectly, as often happens when using graffiti. MagicText Phone Number
MagicText Drag-N-Drop More MagicText Features:
  • Double-tap to select a word.
  • Triple-tap to select a paragraph.
  • Quadruple-tap to select all.
  • You can double-tap and drag to extend the selection word-by-word, or triple-tap and drag to extend the selection a paragraph at a time.
  • Drag-and-Drop selected text to move or copy it to another location in the same field.
  • Activate the MagicText Contextual Menu to see a list of relevant actions you can perform at any time.
  • Expandable plugin architecture allows additional functionality to be easily added at any time.
  • MagicText runs on all Palm OS 2.x and 3.x Systems. MagicText will NOT run on PalmOS 1.x devices.
The prefs screen allows you to tweak MagicText Hack's behavior to your desires.
  • Control the double-tap speed, tap sensitivity, and copy/move toggle time.
  • Set the default drag-n-drop action.
  • Decide whether to use the smart-select option. Smart-select automatically selects the spaces after a multi-tap selection, and adds spaces as needed when using drag-n-drop.
  • Configure the silk-screen button which activates MagicText's contextual Menus.
MagicText Prefs
Plugin Setup MagicText's plugins are configured in the MagicText application. This application allows you to do several things:
  1. View instructions for particular plugins (Help).
  2. Delete plugins from the MagicText setup.
  3. Configure settings for individual plugins, if available.
  4. Beam plugins to other IR-equipped Palm handhelds.
  5. Activate newly installed plugins.
You can add functionality to MagicText by installing additional MagicText plugins. MagicText ships with over a dozen plugins. As other plugins become available, we will add them to the Official MagicText Plugin Repository. You can download and install new MagicText plugins at any time to add functionality to your Palm handheld.
A few examples of what MagicText plugins do.
Date & Time Plugin

Quickly see the current date and time and optionally paste them into the current field.
Email Lookup Plugin

Perform a lookup of the email address for someone in your address book.
HotSync Plugin

Initiate a HotSync. This one is GREAT for road-warriors who use a Palm HotSync Cable.
Another advantage of MagicText is its ability to reduce the number of active HackMaster extensions on your system. As great as HackMaster is, we all know that too many hacks can cause conflicts and instability. MagicText provides a convenient way to get functionality previously only available with separate HackMaster hacks. For instance, Bozidar Benc, author of the popular 'PopUp' applications, has created MagicText plugins that access PopUpTime and PopUpCalculator WITHOUT requiring the Hacks to be activated (see animation to the right).

PMN Publications had this to say about MagicText:
"The application adds two new features to the Palm OS, using Hackmaster to deliver drag 'n' drop text capabilities and a contextual menu system. Both add rich functionality to the platform, the latter intelligently sensing what task the user is performing and presenting an appropriate list of plug-in helper utilities. With an open architecture and a free plug-in SDK, MagicText looks set to win massive acclaim."
PopUp Plugins

There is a online discussion forum for MagicText. Click here to go to the forum.

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5 Star Rating from ZDNet 5 Stars

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