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The Ultimate Business and Personal Organization Tool

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Common View

Never forget to pack something again!
Owning ListMaker well could be 50% or more of the reason I have my Palm. If I had to choose only one add-on application to have, this would be it for me. ListMaker Animation

ListMaker in action

ListMaker, as the name implies, is a great application for making lists of all kinds. There are many features in ListMaker that make it ideal for all of your list-making needs:
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Hierarchical Items
  • Common Items for each list
  • Each item has a description, a custom field, a date, and a note
  • Powerful sorting and viewing options
  • Multiple databases are supported, meaning you can have unlimited categories, share lists, and organize your lists even more!
  • Beaming databases to other users makes sharing data easy.*
  • Import/Export companion app. Works with To Do list and Memo to allow you to easily print lists or create lists on the desktop. Export to the To Do List or Memo Pad. Import from the To Do List or Memo Pad.*
* New in version 1.6

Every list has associated with it a set of common items. For example, you can keep grocery items such as milk, bread, and butter in your set of common items so you don't have to write them into your list each time you go to the store. Even better, once a list has been made, you can share it with others who could use the list. In fact, we've already created a Packing List and a Grocery List to get you started!

Creating lists is as easy as checking off the items you need from the common view (shown at right), then tapping "Upd." to add the checked items to your list.
Sort Preferences

Sorting Preferences

ListMaker supports automatic or manual sorting. Have ListMaker keep your list sorted either alphabetically or by date at all times or drag list items to sort the list yourself. ListMaker can sort items at all levels, or just the base level. You can even have ListMaker sort the checked items at the end of your list in the list view (shown below).

In addition, all of these sort preferences are stored for each list, allowing you to customize lists to specific needs (see below).
General Preferences

General Preferences
As you can see in the General Preferences screen (left), several of these preferences are stored independently for each list. This allows you to custom-tailor ListMaker to your differing needs.

For instance, the screen shot to the right shows a list with 'Show Dates' selected, sorting set to 'Always Sort', 'By Date' at 'All Levels'. This combination turns ListMaker into a powerful, hierearchical To Do List.
General Preferences

Using ListMaker as an
enhanced To Do List
Shopping List in ListMaker

Shopping list in
Import/Export Utility

ListMaker's Import/Export Utility
Shopping List in Memo

The same shopping list in MemoPad
Can now be viewed/printed from Palm Desktop.
ListMaker now has a much improved Import/Export utility, allowing both Import and Export from To Do as well as export to Memo. The sequence above shows how a few quick steps allow you to view and print your ListMaker lists from the Palm Desktop.

See what ZDTV has to say about ListMaker
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ListMaker has many uses. You could probably think of ones we haven't thought of. Click to go to the ListMaker Ideas Page. Here are some we did think of:
  • Grocery List (the obvious): Keep items such as, milk, butter, eggs, bread, and canned beets in your common items. Before your trip to the store, browse through the common items and check off the items you need. Any random items specific to this trip (wooden spoon)? Write them into your list in the List View. Plan on burning your wooden spoon often? Tap on the popup menu trigger next to "wooden spoon" and tap "Add to common..." and it's in your common items.

  • Lists for other stores: Keep lists for the hardware store, clothes store, candy store, jewelry store...

  • Chores: Keep "mow the lawn," "trim the hedges," "clean out garage," "vacuum carpet," and other chores in your common items. Add them to your list when they need to be done and check them off in the List View as you do them. Choose "Purge List..." from the List menu to clear the checked items from your list.

  • Car Maintainence: Keep periodic car maintainence services like, "oil change," "rotate tires," and even "get gas" in your common items. Bring them to your list when you need to have them done. Attach a note to the item in the Common View for information about mileage, date, etc.

  • Movies To Rent: Did you ever think of a great movie to rent but when you finally get to the rental store you have forgotten which movie it was? Keep a list of movies that friends recommend, movies you miss in the theater, movies you hear about on the radio...

  • Books/CDs To Get: Keep a reading or listening list. If you read about a book or recording in an article you can add it to your list. You don't want to forget these things.

  • Procedures: Keep a set of steps to procedures in the common items. Bring the steps neccesary for a particular procedure to the List View and order them properly. (You could use the manual sort here or you could number each item and choose "Sort List" from the List menu.) check off items and purge the list when you are through with the procedure.

There is a online discussion forum for ListMaker.
Click here to go to the forum.

A review by Bob Schmerda, Nashville Palm Users Group (NPUG #54) NPUG
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5 Cow Rating from TUCOWS 5 from TUCOWS
5 Star Rating from ZDNet 5 Stars
PalmPower Editors' Choice Awards - Cool Tools 1998 PalmPower
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5 out of 5 rating
Recommended by Rick
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Recommended by Rick

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