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Hi-5 and PDActivate

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What is PDActivate?
Hi-5 registered users: what do I do?
What is SimpleSketch?
How do I get SimpleSketch?

What is PDActivate? PDActivate is the new face to Hi-5. Just like Hi-5 was a collection of five applications, so is PDActivate. We have added a new application to the lineup of PDActivate called SimpleSketch to replace the freeware game, Reptoids. This new application is a digital ink app that makes jotting notes and/or drawings quick and easy. Please see below or the SimpleSketch page for more information on SimpleSketch.

We created PDActivate because we felt the Hi-5 name and image wasn't what we wanted in a product so we created a new name and face and a new application. PDActivate contains the following applications: Launch 'Em, ListMaker, SynCalc, Today, and SimpleSketch. Hi-5 contained all of those applications except SimpleSketch.

Registered Hi-5 users: You are entitled to a free copy of SimpleSketch. For all intents and purposes you are now registered users of PDActivate. The same upgrade policy applies for Hi-5 and PDActivate. If you are a registered user of Hi-5 and you have not received an email regarding the download of SimpleSketch it is possible that your current email address is not in our records. Please first check your personal download URL and download the Hi-5 software collection to get your copy of SimpleSketch. You can change your email address and/or your mailing list settings on that page. If you don't have your personal download URL, please email us and we will give it to you.

What is SimpleSketch? SimpleSketch is a small, quick program to easily allow you to take notes and draw simple images in freehand on the Palm. It is extremely useful for quickly jotting down a phone number, writing down a quick note, or sketching directions. SimpleSketch also allows you to name each drawing and share it with other Palm users by beaming it to other users.

We created SimpleSketch to add value to our PDActivate Software Suite. While Reptoids is a good, fun game, we feel better about including a more useful application that we created in our software collection. Please see the SimpleSketch page for more information on SimpleSketch.

How do I get SimpleSketch? If you are a registered user of the Hi-5 Software Collection you can simply download Hi-5 from your personal download page and SimpleSketch will be included in the download. If you don't have your personal download URL, please email us and we will give it to you. If you don't own Hi-5 or PDActivate you can get SimpleSketch by placing an order for SimpleSketch ($10.00) or PDActivate ($39.95).

If you have any other questions about Hi-5, PDActivate, or SimpleSketch, please email us at


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