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Old Headlines & Old News
  • (April 9, 2001)   Launch 'Em beta version 3.0b11 is now available. Download the newest Launch 'Em 3 beta here.
  • (October 10, 2000)   Launch 'Em 3 public beta now available. You can download Launch 'Em 3 from the beta page.
  • (August-October, 2000)   SPECIAL OFFER! - Purchase selected FlipCase protectors for just $14.95 and receive Launch 'Em absolutely FREE!
  • (July 19, 2000)   There have been recent updates to a few of our software titles: MagicText 1.6 is available, ListMaker 1.79 is available, and SimpleSketch 2.02 is available. Registered users, your download counters have been reset.
  • (June 20, 2000)   ListMaker 1.75 and SimpleSketch 2.01 have been released. Registered users, your download counters have been reset. These are minor upgrades.
  • (June 1, 2000)   We have created online discussion forums for all of our products. Click here to go to the forums.
  • (April 25, 2000)   SimpleSketch 2 is released! SimpleSketch 2 works on Palm OS 3.5 and in color on color handhelds. Registered users: you can download it now! If you don't have your download link, you will get it in an email.
  • (April 18, 2000)   Synergy Solutions SlideShow Commander Mobilizes PowerPoint Presentation Delivery
  • (March 28, 2000)   Launch 'Em 2.15 now available. Registered users: your download counter has been reset. The demo is available here.
  • (December 15, 1999)   SimpleSketch demo now available. Click here to download.
  • (November 15, 1999) Acquires Synergy Solutions To Broaden Mobile Device Software Expertise
  • (October 19, 1999)      OmniSky licenses Launch 'Em to provide enhanced user interface for their wireless service. Visit the OmniSky home page for information on their remarkable new service.
  • MicroWarehouse bundles PDActivate with Palm handhelds. Register your PDActivate bundle here.

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