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FlipCase in the HotSync dock The FlipCase Protector was designed by a group of fellow Palm owners to provide a great combination of style, convenience, and protection.

The FlipCase Protector is designed to fit any Palm III series handheld including the Palm III, Palm IIIe, Palm IIIx, Palm IIIxe, and Palm IIIc, as well as the PalmPilot Personal and Pro handhelds. There is also a FlipCase Protector made to fit the Palm VII handheld as well as the Symbol SPT 1500 bar-code scanning handheld. All of these FlipCase Protectors are available with or without a beltclip attachment.

The FlipCase Protector opens in a single motion. And since the FlipCase protector attaches to the Palm handhelds with Velcro (hooks on the case, loops on the Palm), you won't have two pieces to juggle.

One of the best features of the FlipCase protector is that you can HotSync to your PC via the dock or the modem without removing the case (see picture, left). How many other cases can do that?
Feature overview of the FlipCase
  • Compact design means the Palm handheld is still 'pocketable'
  • Beltclip version available
  • Palm can be placed in cradle to HotSync or attached to modem without removing the case
  • Easy-grip flap allows for fast, simple access to the Palm
  • Prevents stylus loss and covers serial port
  • Holds business cards or ID in the transparent inside cover pouch
  • Six styles of Lenticular FlipCases are available. Click to see the QTVR gallery.
  • Shape of FlipCase protector allows alarm to be heard at full volume
  • Attaches with high-quality Velcro Brand Velcro
  • Provides an ideal space for placing the "Easy Graffiti Reference Sticker"
  • A thick ABS plastic insert protects the Palm's screen from scratches and impact
  • Available in Black or Brown leather and a variety of other colors
  • Available for PalmPilot Pro/Personal, Pilot 1000/5000, Palm III, IIIx, IIIe, IIIc, VII, and Symbol SPT 1500
  • FlipCase protector is also compatible with Palm-sized PC's from Casio and Everex.
with beltclip | for Palm VII | for Palm IIIc | for Symbol SPT 1500
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(Brown Leather FlipCase protector)
While closed, the FlipCase protector protects all the vital components of your Palm handheld: a strong ABS plastic insert protects the LCD screen. The case wraps around the top of the Palm, keeping the stylus from sliding out, and the leather flap that wraps around the bottom of the Palm covers the serial port. Velcro closures on the back prevent the memory door from coming off accidentally (on PalmPilot and Pilot devices), and the shape of the case on the back actually allows the alarm to be heard at full volume.

(Black Leather FlipCase protector)
Once open, the FlipCase protector provides an ideal location for the "easy graffiti reference" sticker that came with your Palm handheld and a handy place to hold your business cards or ID. Another great part of the design is that FlipCase can be used in many positions for a variety of situations.

FlipCase is so compact that the Palm can still fit in a shirt or pant pocket. After all, didn't you buy a Palm because of its small size?

What about a beltclip, you say? No problem! We've found the best beltclip for the purpose. It's removable, small, rugged, comfortable, and innovative! Click here for more images and animations of the beltclip version in action.

Our FlipCase protector has been reviewed by boot Magazine, Pen Computing Magazine, and others. Also, check out the customer reviews.

The bottom line - if you want the most convenient case made for the Palm, the FlipCase protector is your answer. So go ahead, order one now!
FlipCase open
(Sunrise FlipCase protector)

There is a online discussion forum for FlipCase. Click here to go to the forum.

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