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From the newsgroups...

Subject: Synergy FlipCase

Don't know how many of you have seen these or not, but I figured I'd let people know that this is a great case. I've talked to a few people that were interested in it, but wanted to get some opinions on it. The only bad thing is the fact that you have to stick Velcro on the back of your Pilot, but it's no big deal. Can even put your Pilot in the cradle without removing the case. Go check them out at

Subject: Re: Which FlipCase

> Is the FlipCase that everyone is raving about, the one by Synergy?

Yes- I have the belt-clip version. It's terrific.

Subject: Re: Synergy Flip Case

I have one with the belt clip and I love it. It's very convenient.
There's a review at

Subject: Re: Another PP Case Recommendation Request

> I would like to purchase a case for my PalmPilot Pro that adds little
> bulk to the device, but provides a measure of protection. I really want
> to be able to carry my PP in my pocket, but when I'm wearing a
> sportshirt without a pocket, would like to be able to fasten it to my
> belt.

I heartily recommend the FlipCase, from Synergy Solutions ( I think
that is approximately the name ). You can find it on the usual
place, pilotgear, or directly from Synergy.

It wraps around the pilot and attaches at the top-back and bottom-back
with velcro. To open it and use the pilot the smaller bottom-back
velcro is opened and the protective case folds up or even all the
way to the back.

It can be purchased with a belt-clip, and if the clip is detached
the case still fits nicely into a pocket. I like it because
you leave the clip clipped on your belt, you press a button and
you can unclip the pilot.

I have only had it for a week but I really like it.

Emails sent from customers...

Finally received the Flipcase on Tuesday. Although I have only been using it for two days I am already experiencing its added conveniences and usefulness. One additional attribute, which is extremely useful and which you should mention on your web page etc., is that the the otherwise low alarm volume is much more easily heard with the Flipcase vs original case. Thanks again for a well done product.

I'm really impressed by your promptness and service! If the Flipcase is just half as good as your service I will spread this news around my piloteer friends here in Germany.

Allow me to take a moment to tell you about the positive experience I had both learning about and purchasing your Pilot case product. I found the web site very informative, but was a bit concerned about making a credit card purchase on the web. I requested a call in order to place the order and I promptly received it the following morning. My order was handled in the most courteous manner and I received the attached confirmation via e-mail. If your product turns out to be as good as your marketing and service are, I'm certain I've made a great decision!

Thank you very much for you assistance and promptness in regards to my order, it is very much appreciated. You can bet that I'm going to be telling other PalmPilot owners about the Flipcase.

Interestingly, the PalmPilot, with the Flipcase attached, will just barely slide into the case supplied with the PalmPilot. This "double" protection will be perfect for my trip to Europe next week.

Again, thank you for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

Have received the FlipCase in 1 week !!!! I am very happy. greetings and thanks, thanks, thanks !!!!
-from Germany

I am very impressed with your product, and intend on buying one in the near future.

I was made aware of your product, the flipcase, via the pilot automated email list.

I think that your website is excellent, and will go far in selling your product. I had looked at other cases, including the Pi-Lid, which unfortunately does not fold completely around the pilot (like yours does). The Pi-Lid site is weak on photos and support for their product. I can say that your product was well described verbally, and the photos from all angles answer more questions than your FAQ.

Overall I am very impressed. You will see my order soon.

Thanks for the prompt service and excellent case. I tried two cases from other vendors before ordering yours.

I am a little concerned about the corners being unprotected if I drop it, but overall it's a great design -- by far the most usable.


Thanks a lot. I like the FlipCase very much. It'll be great when the leather takes the shape of the Pilot, as you said, 2 weeks. But it's even fine now. Great design!

Thank you so much for your help in my getting my "very special" FlipCase. Fantastic design & implementation.

You have a GREAT product!

TIP: You can stash a small paperclip on the back for resets, just place the paperclip bridging the two strips of Velcro & attach the FlipCase!

Thank you to all of our customers. We greatly appreciate all of your support.


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